Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 12

I spoke to the fellow who is in charge of the press photographers here in the Village. His name is Rick Etkin. He told me about a couple of links to online photo galleries that feature content by some of the best sport photographers in the world. These 'Plogs' (photo blogs) are hosted at the Denver Post. You should take a few minutes to check out these amazing photos and these incredible pictures.

In responding to the Blog comments:

The best thing about volunteering is the chance to meet people from around the world who share a passion for the Olympic spirit.

Did I cheer for Team Canada against the Germans? The following picture was taken during the second period of tonight's game!

From left to right: Myself, Ron & Peter cheering on Team Canada


  1. 6-2 and 6-3 from Ness Middle SchoolFebruary 24, 2010 at 6:52 AM

    Mr. Weston,

    Thank you for the links to the 2 sites - we checked them out and we were pretty amazed. Do you think that Canada can beat the Russians? We think that they can. We were wondering who were the guys in the photo with you? We are going to take our Canada Day picture today and then send them to Mr. McKiel - hope you enjoy them!
    Go Canada Go!

  2. Mr. Weston,
    What is Rick Etkin like? Do think he would want to take pictures of the Olympics and put them in the newspaper?
    From: Sarah and Morgan in 6-12, Lincoln Middle School.

  3. Dear Mr.Weston,

    I was just wondering, when you are finished volunteering for the day, what do you do in your spare time?

  4. Thank you for the photos! We were wondering if you have a favorite photo from the sites that you sent? It sounds like there are a lot of neat things going on in Whistler village. What has been your favorite place to eat/visit so far? Do you have any favorites out of the different countries apparels? Or a favorite mascot? Do you stay in a hotel in the village, or have they set up something else for you?

    Thanks for all the information and pictures, we really enjoy checking your blog everyday!

    Lincoln Middle School :) GO CANADA!!!