Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 8

Hello all! I am pleased to see the pics of the folks at the Board Office up on the blog in the previous post. If you would like to post your local Olympic pictures, please send them to Mr.McKiel. Class pics would be great too!

My favorite athletes are the ones from Manitoba. I hope that you have all had time to read about them.

I was stationed at the medals plaza here in Whistler for the day so I got to see first hand how the media interview athletes. The media is divided into three groups: TV broadcasters, print journalists and photographers. These three groups are divided into rights holding media, the media that have paid the Organizing Olympic Committees to be able to have special and first access to the venues and athletes, and non-rights holding media they have not paid for access but are still allowed to interview and film the athletes after the rights holding folks. Priority is also given to the athlete’s home country media for first interviews and the best spots for pictures.

Once the athletes receive their medals they are taken to an area called the “Mixed Zone” where they meet the international press. This area is also divided into three areas for broadcasters, print journalist and photographers. Our job is to make sure that everybody stands in the places that is assigned to their group, it can get a bit hectic.

Jennifer Hedger (TSN Sport Centre) broadcasting live from street level

Someone asked about my favorite sport to watch, the ski jumping is exciting but I do really like to watch hockey!

The red mittens were part of the torch runners uniforms. If you are watching the games on TV you will see lots of volunteers in our uniform with light blue jackets, dark blue pants and a cool blue toque with Vancouver 2010 on it!

I have not seen any wildlife but I spend most of my time in and around the village. The village has lots of great restaurants, however as a volunteer we receive a nice nutritious lunch or dinner depending on the shift we are working. I am sure Assistant Superintendent Pshebniski and the Nutrition Committee would give their approval.

I will be here for the rest of the games so I will continue to post pictures and answer your questions.

The other night following the medals ceremony, I watched part of the free nightly entertainment. Here is an example of DJ Deadmau5's music:


  1. Hello Mr. Weston
    I am enjoying your blog - we are your friends in Ontario who feel so proud that you are volunteering in Whistler! Tonight will be so special when you get to see a Canadian receive his gold medal. We will be watching for you in the crowd. Go Canada Go!!!
    Your friends from Ontario Susanne and Danny

  2. Hi from Voyageur Mr Weston!
    With Manitoba's Montgomery winning the first gold medal in Whistler on Friday evening, can you describe the celebrations at Whistler that night?
    On television it looked and sounded like an awesome celebration! We are enjoying your first hand reporting! Canadian Proud!

  3. I love your site and thanks for keeping it updated... you know some people don't update their site very much. Well my question is how is it being a voulenteer?

    lincoln middle school

  4. Bonjour M. Weston!
    I have very much enjoyed your updates from Whistler, I can't wait to share this site with my students on Monday. I have posted a link to this Blog on my website in hopes that students from Bruce Middle School will join the conversation.
    I look forward to your comments about the celebrations on Friday when Montgomery won gold.
    Merci beaucoup!