Friday, February 19, 2010

How Are YOU Celebrating the Winter Olympics?

While Mr. Weston is lucky to be celebrating the 2010 Winter Olympics out in Whistler Village, we're having many of our own Olympics celebrations within the Division.

How are you celebrating within your classrooms and schools?

If you have a picture that you'd like to share in this slideshow, send it to Andy McKiel -

Let's show the world our support for Canada's athletes :-)



  1. Grade 8 Basic French students at Bruce Middle School present an Olympic themed 'word of the day' at the beginning of each class. Students present the word orally in a sentence (en français) and then record the word and translation in their notes. A brief class discussion follows, encouraging students to discuss the Olympic events they have watched. The 'word of the day' vocabulary bank assists students in communicating 'en français'!
    When the Olympics are over, students will find a picture of their most memorable Olympic event and describe the event using 'passé composé' and the 5 W's (qui, quoi, quand, où, comment).

  2. It was an opportunity to "Capture The Gold" at Linwood School during 'I Love To Read' month. Students participated in a variety of reading activities that not only encouraged reading but enhanced their knowledge of the Olympics. Students wore red and white, dresed like athletes, had fun wearing hats with words, and read books that followed "The Road To Gold".

    During the second week of February, all students were divided into different country groups. Students met in their groups to learn about their country, the Winter Olympic sports, and the significance of the Olympics symbols. They participated in a Torch run and a day long event of winter sports with a special visit by Torch Bearer Matthew Chartrand, who brought the Olympic torch he carried on his run!