Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 13

I have been talking to you about my experience in meeting folks from around the world. But the pics on today’s blog come from a buddy of mine that I went to High School with. We still keep in touch and got together last week at Creekside, the site of the Alpine skiing events. He has sent me some pictures that share his Olympic experience from Vancouver and Whistler. It seems fitting to pass along his impressions of the games to all that are following the blog. Thanks to Brad Elliot of Toronto, Canada for his hard work in gathering the images of the games and sharing them with me.

The Opening Ceremonies

In response to your questions:

Rick Etkin is a world class photographer in his own right and is focused on ensuring all the photographers are served well by the media centre staff. He tells me that he will share some more sites later this week when the plog is updated.

At the end of my shift each day I have a chance to take in the sites and sounds of the Village and watch the Olympics on TV too! That is what I was doing last evening with my Canadian friends Ron and Peter as we watched hockey.

I really enjoyed the day I went up the mountain and travelled on the Peak-to-Peak Gondola.

I like the Inukshuk symbol of all the mascots and I have included a picture of it for you.

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